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A Whole Garden in a Container: Convenient and Unusual Solution

Special containers may become an interesting element in the landscape design, but you have to choose them right. They will enhance the beauty of garden plants and surprise the guests.

How to Choose Plants

If you want to do the garden in containers with your own hands, then you should carefully plan everything: color, name, size, time of vegetation and blooming of the plants. It is important to choose suitable containers for them. For the beginning you can try a simple variant in which you put only one pot with only one seasonal plant.

Some use their own seedlings, and some buy already grown plants in gardening companies in Dubai. The main condition is that all the flowers need to be healthy and properly positioned to each other. There are flowers that may be planted during or before flowering (lily of the valley and forget-me-nots), and there are those who won't survive it. Poppies are recommended to be sown directly into the container and as for the Bluebells - you'd better plant them long before the formation of buds.

There are even favorites of the gardens. So for flowers in hanging baskets it is important to attract and please the eye in the form of a colorful cascade (petunias, fuchsias, geraniums, begonias). The ground standing containers may contain small plants or even miniature trees. Unusual look gives topiary - nicely trimmed bushes and trees.

Garden Plants

How to Choose and Prepare Containers

In almost every yard you can find something that will fit in as a stand for flowers. It is only necessary to find a creative approach to the issue. Even in handy pots, pans, buckets, watering cans, boxes, baskets, tires you can plant flowers. The result depends on your imagination.

You also can take bottles and paint them in different bright colors to make the contrast with the plants. Those who can afford it, buy expensive and exquisite containers at a garden center.

It is important to remember that plants can't normally grow without good drainage. Every pot must be checked for holes in the bottom and a special material (gravel or polystyrene beads).

Baskets of all the types look just fine. They can both be placed on the ground and suspended. But for wiry one you should use special cardboard lining or live moss, and for woven - polyethylene.

Terms of Care For Plants in Containers

For any flowers constant and proper care is important. On hot days, they may very quickly die, as they have limited access to the ground. It is necessary to water them twice a day (morning and evening). In hanging pots you have to wait till water begins to flow from the bottom of the hole. It is important to monitor the condition of compost, since it can stop to absorb excess moisture. Some use special gels during planting, which retain water. Mulching would be a good option as it will decorate the appearance of the container and will hold moisture in the ground. For mulching moss can be used, also rocks and granules. It also inhibits the growth of weeds.