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Interior Photography

As a rule, interior shots are performed for a website, catalogue, magazine or brochure use. Usually they are related to a commercial advertisement and are widely used by furniture manufacturers, design studios, construction companies and real estate agencies. Also it is impossible to imagine a website of a luxury hotel or a restaurant without a qualitative interior shot.


A process of the interior shooting is quite laborious. It has a number of stages and requires attention to details. The main technical issue of the interior shooting is an extremely comprehensive range of objects brightness: from luminous windows to deep shades of room corners. Therefore, there are two basic methods of an interior shooting:

  • Interior shooting is conducted with a use of back and additional lighting. Sometimes photographers replace an operating lighting with more suitable options.

  • Interior shooting with an application of HDRI technology. This method implies an adjustment of three or more photographs, made from the same angle but at different brightness exposition. There is a number of graphic editors, which can be used for this purpose.

  • A secondary technical issue of an interior shooting concerns a scenery arrangement. Usually a room layout and its size do not allow a photographer to stand away from objects at a necessary distance. In this case a photographer uses the panoramic technique of shooting, takes a few shots and combines them after in a graphic editor program. As a result, a big photograph with a high resolution and a wide view angle is made.