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A bedroom design was developed for a newly married couple. It is a second floor of a country house. The interior style is a mixture of Provence and classic. The color palette is calm, fresh and peaceful. The dominant colors are: mint, olive green, beige, golden, milk, cream, white, ivory and pastel turquoise. This bedroom is created for rest, relaxation and romantic cozy evenings. Light and pure palette brings air and sunlight into the spacious room. Bedroom_design
A living room was designed for a young woman. The mistress sets a high value on lightness and expansion of a space. The living room looks richly decorated, but not overloaded. Brightness and liveliness are created by ambitious color combination: mustard, yellow, amber, turquoise, blue, emerald and pink. Abundance of textile and greenery softens the cold color spectrum. Living_room_design
This is a design of a living room in a spacious modern country house. This living room is the most favorite place in the house for everybody in a family. There is enough space for celebrating special occasions and receiving guests. The room is divided into two parts: dining and resting areas. There is also a workspace for a master of the house. A designer supported the idea of country style with wooden beams, oak floor, flowery patterns and mild natural colors. Country_house_design
A designer created this minimal kitchen for a small family of two. Our customers wanted to see a laconic but cozy kitchen. Flat panels, straight lines, simple shapes and accurate décor bring elegance to an interior, while wooden textures, warm color palette, mild lighting and greenery soften the atmosphere. Kitchen_design
The image presents a lounge area in a business center. This is a part of a busy office with a big professional team. A company owner decided to give a cozy, warm and relaxing island to his employees. Chocolate, hazel nut, caramel and wooden colors create a truly harmonious atmosphere, so staff can enjoy their rare breaks. Sharp furniture shapes and clear-cut surfaces support the corporate style. Office_design