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Jen Gasque about the bedroom project design:

“Personally for me, a key criteria for a design company was an ability to realize customers' design ideas. It was important for me to be heard and paid attention. I applied for Smart Design after their portfolio review. The accomplished projects looked pleasing and creative. After the first appointment with my designer, the main concept of a room was identified: style, color palette and layout. I was also satisfied with a cost calculation and a term of the project realization.”


Anne and Johnathan are working at Trade Finance in Banking:

“Our house is not spacious, but it has three floors! Before the renovation process we had to consider a number of design and construction issues: space layout, staircases structure, interior finish and design development. We decided to consult a professional designer in order to create a truly comfortable and stylish surrounding. The cooperation process was really enjoyable, we were offered a 3D visualization service, which became the most efficient approach to the house design development.”


Victoria Cruz about the kitchen design:

“I bought an apartment and ordered a design project from Smart Design studio. I liked to work with them, as the process was clear, accurate and well-managed. Besides the design project, I used their construction services, which perfectly complied with a 3D visualization model. The project price was set according to quality and terms of realization. Thank you!”


Paul Meskil about an office design:

“I'd like to thank the Smart Design team for patience and flexibility. They provide a truly satisfactory customer service and develop design projects of a high quality. I wanted my workspace to be reasonably organized to create a productive positive mood. I spend most of time working and so it was important for me to bring functionality and coziness to an office. The final office look exceeded my expectations!”