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Helpful tips to add grandeur to your walls

If you are thinking of incorporating wallpaper into your room, you are blessed with a number of choices. You can go with faux, classic, traditional, couture, contemporary, or hand-painted wallpapers.

A wide range of options can also get you in trouble like whether you want to go with bold colors or muted ones. Do you want to go with glam-styled wallpaper with contemporary furniture or you are opting for wallpaper to completely cover all the walls of your living room as a part of home interior design Dubai.

Helpful tips

Color palette in interior homeWe have compiled some helpful tips that will allow you to select the best wallpaper in your room.

Color palette

The selection of the right color palette is extremely important for interior decoration. If you are looking to incorporate wallpaper into your existing room as an accent, come up with matching colors and get a wallpaper that complements the finding.

On the other hand, if you are looking to experiment, select a wallpaper that you have caught your eye. Now you need to find out how slipcovers and reupholsters in fabrics can enhance your new choice.

Out against the norms

Doesn’t it feel great when your most lovable celebrities are cast in a movie against type and it actually clicks? Likewise, you can also break the norms while looking to decorate your interiors. But before you make a choice, make sure it is well thought out.

Out against the norms interior homeThe reason for it is that properly coordinated wallpaper has the ability to highlight a number of things in your room. These include window treatments, blinds, shades, top treatments, lighting, and much more.

Think of coming up with wall art

Experts suggest that when you experiment with your wallpaper, make sure it is worth it. When looking to redesign your room, go for a wall art experience instead of choosing wallpaper as a covering.

While practically it isn’t possible for you to transport your room in a ‘rainforest’ or in any other setting like it but what you can do is to come up with a feeling or replicate the settings. You can portray a scene of a remote place by a sensible usage of wall art.


 One thing more you need to know is that if you have the skill, the aesthetic sense, and knowledge of interior designing you can come up with a setting like never before. It’s your room and you know how to decorate it and what you want to show to your guests and family.

Otherwise, you can consult interior fit out specialists and let them handle the job as they are masters in their art of room decoration.