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Historical and modern

With the increasing demand of pergolas, one should know what to expect when constructing a pergola. A pergola is a garden feature that is a passageway or walkway of vertical pillars that support crossbeams and sometimes have vines covering it. Many companies are trying to make custom made pergola designs in Dubai. 

One should know the type of pergolas that are being used today. Some of these are given below:

  • Steel pergolas:
    steel pergolas are more reliable than the wooden pergolas that require yearly paint and maintenance.

  • Sail pergolas:
    sail pergolas offer a sleek and modern look to your house. This incorporates a sail stretched between 2 posts.

  • Classic column pergolas:
    these pergolas use Tuscan for vertical support.

  • Shade pergolas:
    additional shade can be created in a variety of styles and design

  • Gabled pergolas
    to allow roof water runoff, are attractive and have height. These are known for their triangular shape.

  • Attached pergolas
    they are often on a deck or patio, allowing a transition between the suffocating house to open air. They look beautiful and attractive.

  • Open top pergolas
    a pergola without a roof is called an open top pergola

  • Pergolas with acrylic panel inserts
    they are available in a variety of design and style.

  • Solar power pergolas
    if you are building a pergola then why not use it to collect some sunlight and bringing it to use.

  • Pitched pergolas
    they differ from flat pergolas in that they have a slightly pitched roof.

  • Outdoor kitchen pergolas:
    it can provide you with a way to perform barbeque cooking and eating in open air.

  • Garage pergolas:
    it can be customised to accommodate supplies and necessities

  • Rooftop pergola:
    they are engineered to be fitted on a roof

  • Asian style pergola

  • Bracket pergolas

People often misunderstood and get confused between pergolas and arbours but where arbours are made up of vinyl and aluminium, most of the pergolas are made up of food. The main difference that distinguishes a pergola from an arbour is that the arbours lack the architectural beauty related to pergolas. Arbours are sitting benches that are covered with roofs and the pergola is much larger structure. An arbour is a freestanding structure used to support vines and pergola is a passageway.

Gazebos are closed structures and they have a closed roof, unlike pergolas. Both are commonly made of wood and serves as anchors for vegetation.

Modern pergolas include materials like:

  • Glass

  • Aluminum

  • Fiberglass

  • Vinyl

  • Chlorinated PVC

  • Wood

Pergolas are a new innovation to your landscaping ideas. Pergolas give your gardens definite style and the look that helps to beautify your houses and gardens.