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Important Information about Dubai Visit Visa Charges

Dubai offers the most convenient and affordable visit visa services to the visitors, tourists and executives. The packages come with visa for 48 hours, 96 hours, 14 days, 30 days and 90 days with varying requirements individually. Most of the people choose visa for 3 months which give them enough time to settle down, find jobs, find residence, visit the emirates or run the errands they specifically come for.

90 days visa or 3 months visa offers you a complete freedom to travel across the cities and deserts and live wherever you want without any legal restriction. However, as 3 months visit visa in Dubai is non-extendable, you must be careful about leaving the country before the visa expires.

How Much Does 3 Months Dubai Visa Cost?

Visit visa in dubaiAccording to the Emirates Visa Services, the Dubai visit visa charges for 3 months vary from 800 AED to 2000 AED. Visa with multiple entries option usually costs more than the visa with single-entry. If you bring any family member or friend along, a refundable 1000 AED cash deposit is required to enter the city.

Can you extend three months visit visa in Dubai?

Most of the Dubai visit visa packages are non-extendable no matter if it is the visa with single entry starting from the day of arrival or a 3 months visit visa with multiple entries starting upon arrival. You will have to go through the official procedures to get the permission for extended stays in Dubai.

How Much Time Does it Take to get 3 Months Visa?

Dubai international airportVisa process only takes 3-4 working days if you apply with appropriately completed application and do not miss any information and document. It is also important to remember that the visa fees along with the ticket fee is usually non-refundable and you are bound to use only Emirates flights to travel.

Where Can you apply for Upon-Arrival 3 months visit Visa?

After landing in Dubai through Dubai International Airport, you can apply for 3 months upon-arrival visit visa through Emirates Commercial Visa Services on Terminal 3.

Additionally, every city in UAE has Emirates Ticketing Offices and Counters where you can apply for your business, visit or tourist visa.

However, it is advised to contact a professional visa processing consultant to help you with application and other procedures to avoid the hassle and save your time and money.