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Orthopedic Mattress Uses

Orthopedic mattressCustomized mattress dubai by Bed and Pillows is great choice for those with general back, joint and bone pain issues, and even people who have certain conditions stemming from the weakness of bones. Orthopedic mattresses are particularly designed to be able to regulate the pressure of the human body in a way that it provides the best possible level of comfort.

The mattress is considered to be very durable compared to other more luxury varieties, meaning its life could be as long as over five years.


Orthopedic mattress in UAEOne of the defining features of the mattress as its name suggests, is extra care for the joints and bones. It is firmer than most other mattresses out there, and provides the support the bones in the body, especially the spine needs, to prevent pain and aching.

The firmness helps to make sure that the heavy parts of the body, the lower back for example, does not dig into the mattress, putting the spine in an awkward position, or curving it needlessly. Since the spine is one of the most important places as far as sleeping position and posture is concerned, keeping it straight is important to the prevention of back pain and overall stability during sleep.

Not only the spine, but the mattress also helps to make sure that important joints in the body, and bones transfer most of the pressure from body weight onto the mattress, in an even manner.

In this way the weight of the body is distributed evenly, rendering a peaceful night’s sleep.

For the muscles, this means the comfort they need, because when using an ordinary mattress, chances are the heavy parts of the body will be out of place and the spine misbalanced. In this case, it is the muscles that have to go to work to make sure the alignment of the body is maintained. This feature is key to making sure that when you wake up in the morning, you avoid a backache, or pain in the neck and sore joints.