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Wedding in Tropical Style

If you are tired of the classic wedding concept and want exotic, or maybe you are planning a wedding in tropical countries, you will find this article quite useful, as it will tell you about all the principles of the organization of bright and unique wedding in a tropical style.

The Style of the Newlyweds

The bride should choose a straight wedding dress. She can even wear a sundress. Shoes should be open and without a heel, for example – elegant sandals or even slates.

As the wedding hairstyles can be chosen as loose curls and hairstyle with the collected hair, complemented by exotic flowers or a delicate wreath. The main principle in this case is not to overdo it with ideality. Remember that you are in a hot tropical country, where your hair is ruffled in the sea breeze.

The groom may wear white or bright shirt with loose cut pants or even shorts. More "strict" option – suits of bright colors. The main highlight of the male image should be a boutonniere of bright exotic flowers and plants. Call ElegantMoment for Dubai planner services and your wedding will be amazing!

The Bride's Bouquet

For the bride's bouquet you should choose exotic flowers: the protea, strelitzia, orchids, anthurium etc. Bright colors are welcome!

Wedding Design

Before we talk about the wedding decoration, it's worth discussing what place to choose for its implementation. Of course, stuffy restaurant is not the best option! It is better to give preference to a beautiful lawn, beach, etc. An outdoor restaurant, which is located either at the water's edge or near a private pool, will also be a good choice. Wedding in Different Styles

For marriage registration, prepare the arch, decorated with colorful flowers, herbs or even fruits: pineapples, coconuts etc. In the decoration of wedding tables, you can use not only flowers and greenery but also palm leaves, seashells, starfish and exotic fruits in bright colors: pineapples, oranges, lemons, etc. Though the latter is far from exotic, they will fill the celebration with bright colors and positive. In serving use bright napkins and utensils, coconuts, and other exotic details, the tables can be covered with tablecloths with herbal prints.

Organize a lounge area and a bar with refreshing cocktails for your guests. Here your family and friends will be able to relax from the hustle of the holiday and have a talk with each other.

Wedding Accessories

In the design of the wedding invitations you should use bright colors (yellow, red, orange, blue, etc.), complex ornaments and floral prints.